's car

Car Nissan Pintara TRX
Transmission Automatic
Year 1990
Owned Since 2004
Color charcoal gray
Major repairs undertaken had to replace fuel injectors 6 months after i bought it
repalced front bumper with brand new trx bumper
replaced front left light not the globe the whole light area thingy
Kms traveled 104259 km
Performance exhaust 2.5
the more exspensive spark plugs..:)
Handling Can't complain except when it rains. Thank god it doesnt rain much in Australia these days or ill be dead by now
Visual looks pretty stock except the exhaust..getting the tint done in a couple weeks then rims then spray...yummmy
Audio pinoeer head unit..boss front splits , 6x9's, 1000 watt amp and sub. But thats being replaced as we speak
Other When the car is finished its gonna be P.I.M.P
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