's car

Car Nissan Stanza XE

Transmission Manual
Year 1992
Owned Since 2005
Color Light Blue
Major repairs undertaken Gearbox/Clutch replaced
Engine replaced with JDM unit
Kms traveled 240000 km
Performance JWT Stage 3 (pretty sure its stage 3)
3 inch intake w/ K&N Pod
Heavy Duty clutch (forget the specs on this one)
Some weight reduction
Short Shifter
Handling Suspension is all from U13 and U11, really don't remember the details though
23mm Rear Stabilizer (from Axxess)
Battery in the boot
Visual U11 15 inch rims (they ooze sex)
J30 Leather interior (a bit plush, find myself sliding all over the place when driving gets spirited)
Audio Kenwood deck
MTX amp
2 10 inch Kicker subs
nothing fancy at all, but just the right amount of boom I think
Other Car was bought from a long time member of TeamNSE (Antrx too most likely) All work so far is due to him.
Am putting in G50 front calipers and U11 rear discs in the near future.
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