's car

Car Nissan Pintara Ti

Transmission Manual
Year 1989
Owned Since 2002
Color Blue Glow Metalic
Major repairs undertaken SV Boots and Joints;
Starter Motor;
Engine Rack;
Steering Rack;
Lower right Contol Arm;
Recon Transmission;
Major oil leaks fix;
Trans leaks fix;
Major Powersteering leaks fix;
Water hoses;
Thats all I can remember for now, keep in mind that most of these replacemnts were before I underwent the conversion.

Engine Mounts (busted & snaped bolts due to torque;)
Break calipers & Rotors;
Front shocks & Springs (Collapsed due to weight of v6 engine;)
Front Ellectric Windows (fallen from rails;)
Kms traveled 363897 km
Performance VG30E conversion;
? LSD Mazda/Eunos Gearbox Conversion, can't reveal the box;
3-inch stainless exhaust with a twin system from the cat(gutted)back. - (Still getting made)
Stage-2 cams
Hardend Valve Springs (motor bike springs)
Factory VG30E single large Ballbaring Turbo (Still in process;)
Turbosmart Bov Type-1 Blow off Valve;
Medium size Intercooler;
Performance Air Filter;
Special Cooling Timer device;
Fuel Pump;
Mandrell Bent Extracters (under construction);
Turbo Timer;
Single Plate Ceramic Clutch;
A good Dyno Tune also;
Handling Kuhmo Tyres 205 50 zr 16s;
J30 Maxima front & rear disk brakes;
Koni Shocks (stage-1);
King Springs (lowerd 2 inches front & 1 1/2 inches rear);
Full Camber & caster kit;
Strut Bar (front);
Sway Bars front & rear;
Bigger Stronger SV Joints;
GTR front breaks & rotors;
Visual Custom Fiberglass Body Kit;
Silver GT stripes across car;
Bonnet Pins;
Twin Exhaust & Mufflers (double canons on each side);
16x7 inch silver mags at front & 16x8 at back;
Wicked Sound System visual Setup;
Clear indicater and tailight lenses;
Yellow, Black & Silver custom interior, mostly Isotta gear;
OBX Bucket Seats;
Bonnet Vents;
R30 Blue & White Skyline Ti badges (sides);
Pulsar Ti Badge (rear);
Silvia Boot Key Flip Lid;
R32 Nissan badge (rear);
Bluebird Tailights;
Corsair Centre Garnish (customized);
GT Wing; Nismo Sticker (rear window);
Nissan Racing Logo (front window);
Monza Logo on Bodykit;
Mesh Grill;
Custom door locks (skulls);
Skull Gear Knob (eyes light up red);
Chrome Handles;
Chrome around windows;
Crome Window Squirts;
list goes on.
Beaty Boeard in back of car - visual display with dual 12' subs;
Audio Lightning Audio Amp & Subs;
Pioneer CD Deck;
Pioneer Speakers & Splits;
Other Need to finish off the tachos and gauges. Need to re-install the exaust system. I'm thinking adding a sidemount Blowa to my already turbo engine. Need to re-install the Neons cause I traded them in for parts.
Sound system visual setup not complete;
Gonna put in extractors;
Gona re-install the Turbo after changing pistons & headgaskets;
R-install performance clutch (ceramic or copper);

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