's car

Car Mclaren F1 GT1

Transmission Manual
Year 2000
Owned Since 2004
Color Black
Major repairs undertaken Had pull my eyes back into the front of my head after i first took a car for a spin, since that, no major repairs.
Kms traveled 10203 km
dyno reading 627.00 kw
1/4 mile time 11.600 sec
Performance Pod filter fitted to V12 engine, the stock filter is notoriously bad in these cars. Also added an ANTRX sticker to the back window. I feel that these two mods have given the car about an extra 40 kw at the wheels.
Handling I got rid of those shit 'Mclaren' Spec shockies, i mean who's ever heard of mclaren??? I replaced them with some Peddars shockies, the ones for $50 a corner. Handles like a dream now.
Visual As you can see in the top picture, i added a wing to the car, its made out of some MDF painted black and just stuck on to the boot with some superglue. I feel it gives the car that something extra dont you think?
Audio Now the stock stereo was shit. So i went and bought myself a second hand tape deck from a holden Commodore, and decked it out with some 4 inch coaxial soundstream speakers up front and two $15 10inch tornado subs from Brisbane car sound. You should hear the beast now, talk about SPL!!!
Other I love my car its a good alrounder, i mean it doesnt go as well in a straight line or around corners or at all as my Pintara T, but the reason why i bought it was for fuel economy and on that level it delivers! I strongly recommend this car to those looking for cheap, trouble free commuting for the whole family. Also parts are cheap so thats an added PLUS!!
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