's car

Car Nissan Pintara TRX

Transmission Manual
Year 1991
Owned Since 2008
Color white
Major repairs undertaken -thermo switch
-reverse switch
-SSS rear eng. mount
-new HD clutch
-injector seals
-main drive shaft seals
-front wheel bearings [both]

Kms traveled 300 km
Performance -CAI with K&N pod
-Z32 afm
-antrx.com stage 3 chip
-short shifter
-manifold back 2.5" exhaust
-dummy cat
Handling -decent rubber 215/40-17
-nolathane bushes in front end
-nolathane rear sway bar bushes
Visual -JDM ATTESA bonnet with fibreglass scoop
-clear front indicators
-JDM SSS grill [ca]
-JDM taillights [facelift model]
-Osaka 17" six spoke mags
-antrx.com stickers =P
-custom painted dash
-modded guages
-autotechnica steering wheel
-R34 shift knob
-various LEDs and neons throughout the interior and exterior
Audio -Kenwood MP3 player
-Alpine Type R 6.5" splits up front
-Alpine Type R 6.5" 3 ways down back
-Kenwood amps, 600w 4ch & 600W mono block
-Kenwood 12" ported sub
Other lots of parts awaiting time for respray [Radio Rentals Yellow] then its build time...

and a couple shots of my Ti...written off
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