's car

Car Nissan Pintara Gli

Transmission Manual
Year 1987
Owned Since 2003
Color Classic White
Major repairs undertaken None
Kms traveled 282000 km
Performance Simple Pod mod & a few other very minor tweaks. Runs well enough although the car will never ever be a speed demon. It's not like i mind though.
Handling Not great at the moment, im getting the shocks and springs done soon as she's on the road, witch hopefuly will be quite soon
Visual Pretty clean.. to a point. Some ware and tare on the paint work in certin areas. Some fading and chiping. Lots of small dints im looking to get taken out. Nothing major and for the cars age i have definatly seen plenty worse Pinny with my own eyes
Audio Pretty STD setup, 4 2way Clarion speakers (2 front 2 back) a basic Kenwood headunit & a dual 10" Sub box in the back. Don't even ask how ive set that up as you DON'T want to know :P

All cheap stuff but it's enough for me.
Other For and old car she's not in bad shape, basicly she's a well looked after faimly car so there is obviously going to be paint problems and general ware and tare but for the dirt cheap price i picked her up for i think she's alredy paid her debt.
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