's car

Car Ford Corsair Ghia

Transmission Automatic
Year 1990
Owned Since 2005
Color A multitude of reds
Major repairs undertaken Injectors, rebuilt engine,steering rack, two driveshaft seals(one either side) rear main seal and bellhousing seal on gearbox. Four new cv boots, joints and driveshafts. All work was done by mechanic so it all works as it should.
Kms traveled 10000 km
Performance 2" cat back exhaust and sport muffler with 2" tip.
Does rebuilt engine count as it regained some of my lost kilowatts.
Handling Lowered (1.5 - 2 inches)pedders suspension. Soon to have pedders adjustable swaybars and strut brace (not pedders)
Visual Fairly dark tinted windows, quality ford factory paint, bumpers,. As you can tell it is mostly stock on the exterior. Import genuine nissan clear tail lights. 14" aftermarket 10 spoke alloys.
Audio Two standard alpine speakers in parcel tray, More quality items from ford in the way of the front speakers. Original and with no third ring thingy. (the ring that is slightly flexable, audio people will know what I'm on about). Pineer head unit, replacing the heap of crap eurovox unit I had.
Other I now have the wheels in the second picture, and my car wasn't lowered in this picture. My front bar now sits about level with those gutter things
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