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Car Ford Corsair Ghia
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Transmission Manual
Year 1991
Owned Since 2004
Color Sapphire Pearl
Major repairs undertaken After 100 shot of NOS by the previous owner in '04 the Gearbox was screwed, Clutch shattered and Head cracked..
The car came with a new G/Box, Head/Internals and I replaced clutch.

P/Steering rack,torn mounts and CV's I replaced too..
Couple scratches from a dog that was playing 'chicken' one dark nite! I hit a roo too but it bounced off and away..no scratches but!
Kms traveled 214000 km
1/4 mile time 15.200 sec
Performance Main Internals- Mild-Aggressive 60/40 Cam, O/Sized Valves and polished Head..
K&N Pod Filter-WyldCat Extractors-2.25" pipe-Sports Exhaust
Stil standard ECM and Clutch....
But soon to install ANTRX Stage 3 chip and ANTRX H.Duty Clutch!! 7grand snaps 4 shizzy!
Handling PEDDERS 2 stage SportsRyder Suspension, Poly-eurethane Bushes, Lowered on new Pedders Springs..
17'Advanti Lite-Weight Drift Rims with 205/40Z SILVERSTONE EVO XIII Rubber
No ANTRX sticker though..so its bit slower than the rest..
Visual "Sapphire Pearl" paint with Black Bonnet and Boot
"CORZ 4 Concern" sticker on back window...
No Tint thanks to local monarchs...
Audio 1600Watt Bose Amp running 10" Xplod 1100W Sub...Xplod 400Watt 4way 6x9's...5" Pioneer splits..Playin Drum'n'Bass, Aussie Hip Hop or Rock'n'farkin Roll any given day!
Other All it needs is resprayed qtrs/roof, CAI , H.D. Clutch and Stage 3 chip to be solid...Got a Deep Full Note thanks to Cam+Extractors+2.4L Engine..ppl say its too loud but [email protected] 'EM!!
Would love to make it look like a Rex one Day..when I'm done on the mines mite Go Turbz Too!!
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