's car

Car Nissan Pintara Gli

Transmission Automatic
Year 1990
Owned Since 2004
Color White
Major repairs undertaken Changed front shock's.
Changed distributer cap and rotor button.
New spark plug leads.
New Alternator.
New Belts.
New Fuel Pump.
Kms traveled 199795 km
Performance Pod and/not fog But driving light's as you can se in the pic's and 3.2inch canon installed.
Handling Pretty bad cause of warn shocks and stock tyres to be replaced soon.
CORRECTION edit( changed the shock's and handling is much better now)
Visual Matt Black coloured Petrol Flap and front upper bumper lip .
Audio 200watt mid range speakers in doors that's it :(
Other It's stock but hopefully will get an respray and a engine conversion not decided jet.

I apologise for some of the pictures, because has poored cat's and dog's while they were taken.So couldn't take some pictures in a bit more exotic locations LOL.
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