's car

Car Ford Corsair Ghia

Transmission Manual
Year 1990
Owned Since 2004
Color white
Major repairs undertaken new alternator
new radiator supports
i have to replace my exhaust it has a hole in it so im gettin a 2 1/4 very soon
Kms traveled 350000 km
Performance drilled holes in the bottom of my airbox


ill get defected one day oh well

opened it up a lil bit but prob not worth the trouble gettin the drill out, also made my engine n exhaust "drone" a lil bit more deeper

Visual red vynil door trims
red seat covers
red vynil console lid
red shifter
Audio kenwood unit
jvc 6x9
jvc 6 1/2 inches in doors
Other needs some body work as it was damaged when i got it
id say some old lady owned it b4 me as its got a couple of lil dingles in it
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